What’s it all about?

It is about finishing things.

So, in case it has seemed terribly quiet in my life lately, let me tell you, it has not been. I spent the last few years (or a few more than that, actually) studying to finish my university degree.

University is meant to be four years, right? In most cases (if you go right after high school or do the full course load your school asks of you) but not in mine. I love that I have now finished my degree, but boy, do I hate the math.

I spent two years at university (years and years ago), then a summer in another university, and then started back to university in Sept. 2010 for good. Not full-time, though. I wanted to ease into it, but that just costs more and more time.

And – get ready for this – seven semesters later… I finished – finally! – and picked up my degree June 10, 2014. Gawd!! Sept. 2010 to June 2014 to finish two years of university…

Deep breath… Luckily, I spent the last year of those studies overseas and managed to write a book about it at the same time, which will appear on here so frequently it will cease to be funny. But the book is funny…

So I have that going for me. But for now, I have this. Age back to school for the final push: oh, maybe 45-ish. Age as international exchange student overseas: 48. Age at degree pick-up: 49.



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