I could preface this

But I won’t.

I am working on promoting my book online, this one: https://www.createspace.com/4516080.

I am a former journalist who worked in public relations for years. That means I should be able to find things, and I can promote anything in print, on TV, or radio, but holy… in the three years I have been studying and NOT working in public relations, uh, the entire world has turned to blogs.

One of those blog areas (for authors) are book review sites, and although there are X number of book publishing gurus out there trying to tell you how they sold their books, many often only sell copies of books about how to sell books. You know, they wrote a book or two, but then they really did better selling books about selling books.

Given that, you would think there would be better lists of online book reviewers or book review sites available from these experts. But most lists are old or filled with dead links, or the sites are still up but uninhabited. So, I will spend a little time looking, and post when I find dead or working book reviewers or book review sites. Good?


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