That’s just typing

Yep. I am trying to coordinate what I post on Twitter with what I say here, and I am trying to use this space to expand on the tiny text field Twitter offers.

So, the latest post is… typewriters. Yes, I write my books on typewriters. I am a long-time Mac fan and have owned one of almost every product they have ever produced, but for writing books, nothing beats a typewriter. Truly.

I have been collecting them for a while, I guess, longer than I thought I had been. The habit just sort of creeps up on you and suddenly you have a house full of the things. Now I lurk on a typewriter forum. I always check in the second-hand shops to see if they have one in. I usually get them for between 1 and 3 Euros each here in Germany (ridiculous, I know). I collect only portable or ‘travel’ typewriters. Most of them, right now, have German keyboards, because I am based in Germany, but they are not at all hard to get used to. I posted a snapshot on Twitter of the two I used to write “Finishing Year” and I have several others. Two are on their way out the door because one is not truly portable and the other is a nightmare to type on, a cheap mail-order machine. The rest are mechanical dreams and of the highest Swiss and/or German quality. They are simply amazing and pleasant to use. And they produce results! You get paper, with words on them, each sheet a unique document.

As the pages add up, I keep them in an old artist’s paintbox. But that is another story.

The red typewriter here (not my pic, but the same as mine) is a good one, and the grey Hermes Baby from Switzerland is nice, but my all-time favourite is the Adler Tippa from the snapshot I posted on Twitter. I had two but lost one in a move and am always looking for more of the same. Madness.

photo1 photo2 photo3


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