Who shall lead us?

Back when I wrote my first books, I used American Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book for advice on how to publish, promote, and sell books. It was the most solid work out there and perhaps one of very few available (at that time).

There are now newer versions of the book, and I got the latest one, but it was disappointing. Publishing has really moved along in all those years, and I don’t feel the book has kept pace. The problem is, I feel like I need to find a new, near-perfect source of publishing advice, like Dan Poynter was (he really was) and now, there are way too many people wanting to be the next Dan Poynter.

I just don’t know how to judge these books from the outside, and there are far too many to have a closer look at. The authors (often) don’t seem particularly well-suited to writing about publishing (whereas, if you remember Dan Poynter, you will recall he was pretty darn successful at publishing and selling books and probably still is).

The new gurus usually write books, sell a few, then (much too soon in their careers) write a book about how to publish YOUR own book. Their book about how to publish YOUR book invariably sells far more copies than their actual ‘writings’. Their blogs and websites aren’t so much about their ‘writings’ as they are about their handbook for publishing YOUR book.

Not that this is all bad (well, it isn’t all terrible, anyway), it has just produced (like so much self-publishing has) a slew of books on the market. Now the topic is crowded and polluted, and there is a lot of junk floating around.

So I am wondering, who do you turn to when you are looking for advice about how to publish in today’s world?


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