Mayne Island writers a tough act to follow

Being from Mayne Island, and being a writer, is getting to be a hard act to follow. Better said, it has been for a while. There are many writers from my British Columbia island home, but I never really noticed them until Vancouverite David Scearce (and some-time Mayne Island weekender) got noticed for adapting the screenplay for the Tom Ford film A Single Man from Christopher Ishwerwood’s book. He has since adapted at least one other book into a screenplay. Of course, it will be a movie.

You can read about his story here: Wikipedia also has some info on him.

And now a few other things have happened: Vancouver-to-Mayne-Island transplantee Grant Buday has written a book I could have just stayed home to write, instead of hauling myself off halfway around the globe to study art history in Europe (and write the resulting book about it). But, he wrote it instead.

It is a slim volume (at 80 pages) but just an excerpt from it makes me miss my island home. You can read about it here: And here:

And now Mayne Island cottager and Victoria resident Arleen Paré has won the Governor General’s Award for poetry. Originally from Montreal, she now spends some time on Mayne and says she will also spend some of her GG prize money buying a heat pump for her cottage.

Besides the fact I think the GG award prize should be a much higher dollar figure, at least it will help her keep warm if she visits the island this winter. Read about her plans here:


2 thoughts on “Mayne Island writers a tough act to follow

  1. I just found your blog and thought I’d comment. Do you know about the Mayne Island authors reading during Festival Active Pass? Did you see the five plays written by Mayne Island authors last November?

    1. Hi. Thanks for writing. No, I had not heard of that event last November, and I will miss the festival in April. I had more Mayne time when I worked at the University of Victoria, but then I became a student in Europe and now teach at a German university. I don’t get back until May each year. I hope you enjoy the festival, though!

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