Who are you?

There are a lot of Bryce Finley’s in the world these days. I use my full name on anything official (thanks 9/11) and even on Facebook now, to make sure you are getting the real deal when you need me. If you search for Bryce Finley on the Internet, though, you get all sorts of quasi/pseudo/beginner Bryce Finley’s. The same happens when you view the images. Almost none of those people are me. That has to stop. In order to bring back the balance, I need to post a pic or two of myself once in a while, so the search crawlers can go out and get them and display them under my own name, gosh darn it. Oh, and I’m not a student anymore, so they need to look a teensy weensy bit like a grown up. That explains the cardigan, and it’s warm.

CV photo 3


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